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2019 Delta and Delta II Conference Registration

Registration Information For Delta and Delta II June 11-15, 2019 NCKTech, Beloit.


Please check the appropriate box:


Delta   (first year attending Delta)  


Delta II    


First Name:

Last Name:


E-mail Address that you will regularly check during the summer

Phone Number: (cell number preferred) include area code

CTE Pathway Taught

School District


District Mailing Address



Zip Code:

Polo Shirt size



Delta (first year) participants please answer the first 6 questions only.  The answers will help tailor the conference to your needs. Please limit each response to 700 characters or less Delta II participants please answer question 7 only.


1. How have you implemented a recent professional development experience into your program?

2. Why do you wish to participate in the Delta Conference?

3. How have you personally modeled leadership this past year in your classroom and community?

4. What is your philosophy on teaching?

5. What is your philosophy on leadership?

6. Explain a situation when you embraced feedback of your teaching.

7. Delta II only:  What do you hope to gain from attending the Delta II conference?



Agreement, Reference Letter and Invoice


I understand that I will be lodged in the suite-style dorm rooms on NCK Tech's campus and will need to provide my own bedding and towels.

  •   Yep, I like my own pillow anyway.


I understand that as a Delta participant that I will receive feedback on my teaching and be asked to model my teaching in front of other teachers in small groups.

  •   Bring it on!


I understand that as a Delta participant that i may be asked to submit a detailed lesson plan in advance of the conference to an assigned teacher mentor and I will be prompt with all my correspondence.

  •   No problem, that's what I'm here for.


I will ask one of my current administrators to send a reference letter that provides evidence of my teaching experience and desire to improve myself through professional development. Letters must be postmarked to Smoky Hill ESC and include payment by May 17.

  •   I will ask him/her right away.


The conference fee is $150 that the participants will receive back as a travel stipend upon the completion of the conference. Invoices/payment must be postmarked to Smoky Hill ESC by May 17 and should include the reference letter.

I understand the cost and invoice instruction information above.

  •   Sounds like a square deal!



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