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Green Schools Summit a Great Success

Bob Kobet, president of Sustainassance International a consulting firm specializing in sustainable development and environmental education, was the keynote speaker at the Green School Summit.

Smoky Hill Education Service Center hosted a Green Schools Summit sponsored by Trane Commercial Systems on February 25th in Salina.  Dozens of district administrators, school board members, and other educational leaders from across the state attended.

The purpose of the summit was to discuss how school districts are redefining success in turbulent times.  Although the benefits of a better learning environment--higher student achievement, healthier students, and higher teacher retention rates--are undeniable, the question becomes is this a wise move in difficult economic times?

According to the presenters, the answer is a unanimous YES!  Bob Kobet, the keynote speaker and president of Sustainassance International, said that one half of the school districts in the country think they cannot afford to take environmental issues, green building practices, and renewable energy into consideration when making educational decisions.  The other half understand they cannot afford not to consider these factors.  

Kobet makes his point to summit participants about using the physical school building as an extension of the curriculum for students.

Kobet gave numerous examples how this was being done around the world and challenged participants to believe that if it could be done in the places he mentioned it could be done in Kansas.

A common theme among all presenters was that once a movement was started--even if it was a small one--it would gain momentum and continue to grow across the district and throughout the local communities.

To illustrate this point, students from Clifton-Clyde USD #224 and Southeast of Saline USD #306 explained projects they had completed during the current school year and plans they have for future endeavors.

Keven Ward, Educational Facilities Consultant for Trane Commercial Systems, introduces a group of students. Students from two SHESC member districts presented at the event sponsored by Trane.

Video clips from the event are available for download below.  Videos are available in two formats and levels of quality.  Please remember that file size will affect download times.  

Clip #1 Opening Comments, Joe Glassman, Eber Phelps WMV format (325MB)

Clip #1 Opening Comments, Joe Glassman, Eber Phelps MP4 format (131MB)

Clip #2 Beth Reust WMV format (232MB)           

Clip #2 Beth Reust MP4 format (98MB)  

Clip #3 Bob Kobet WMV format (459MB)

Clip #3 Bob Kobet MP4 format (192MB)

Clip #4 Joe Ryan WMV format (105MB)

Clip #4 Joe Ryan MP4 format (45MB)

Clip #5 Eber Phelps #2 WMV format (41MB)

Clip #5 Eber Phelps #2 MP4 format (14MB)

Clip #6 Jerry McCall WMV format (81MB)

Clip #6 Jerry McCall MP4 format (35MB)

Clip #7 Shari Wilson WMV format (134MB)

Clip #7 Shari Wilson MP4 format (58MB)