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End of November 2020

Education and the Election

New Logo Signage Updates Underway

New Lumber and Cafeteria Supply Catalogs Coming Soon

Face Mask Supplies Available Through Volume Purchasing

Featured Workshop: Student Engagement vs Student Participation

Thanksgiving Free and Online Lesson Plans

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Educators, Students, and the 2020 Election

The 2020 Presidential Election projected results may have you experiencing a high level of uncertainty, anxiety, or stress, as legal cases work their way through the courts and both continued celebrations and protests hit the streets.

It’s also quite likely that many of the students you teach and serve are also experiencing a wide range of strong emotions.

It is important to consider in this unusual national situation how you will address students’ social and emotional needs, discuss the election fairly and factually, and practice self-care.

Noalee McDonald-Augustine, Education Consultant at SHESC, has assembled these valuable resources to help you navigate meeting these needs! Explore, learn from, and share them with your colleagues.

The Value of Educator Self-Care - Webinar

This free online video webinar from Teaching Tolerance features Geneviéve DeBose, Middle School Literacy Coach, and Shoshana Brown, School Social Worker. They help educators to understand the science and psychology of self-care, as well as how self-care affects students. Develop practices and tools to help you thrive and prepare to “show up” to serve your students.

Responding to the 2020 US Presidential Election

Written just before Election Day, this “Teaching Idea” article (presented by Facing History and Ourselves) offers a methodical process for preparing yourself, facilitating classroom discussions, and leading a worthwhile reflection on election results (both for called and uncalled races).

Election Uncertainty and Anxious Students: Inside 4 Social Studies Classrooms

Using four case studies from Virginia; Chicago, Illinois; Georgia; and Pennsylvania, this news article by “Education Week” provides valuable insight and in-classroom examples to adapt to your own situations. (Note that “Education Week” may require registering for a free account to view full articles.)

This Election is Traumatizing for Many Students (and Educators). Here’s How to Help

Also from “Education Week,” this article presents three trauma-informed practices that you can use for yourself to prepare for classroom lessons and discussions on the election. They are also valuable for leading students in practices that can “lower the temperature” of potentially contentious discussions and help make these lessons worthwhile exercises. (Note that “Education Week” may require registering for a free account to view full articles.)

Election Week Activity: The Day After

Presented by the Morningside Center for Teaching Social Responsibility, provides suggestions for helping students process thoughts and feelings on the election, better understand the news and reflect upon it, and take part in a variety of self-care activities. (Note that the article was published on November 4, but much of the information is still useful.) 

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New Logo Signage Updates Underway

Our new logo is popping up all over in "real life"!

The logo was revealed on July 1 as part of our 30th anniversary celebration and started then to be used in documents and on our website. Larger versions are now starting to be installed as replacement signage at our Salina and Hays office locations! 

Recent logo-related installations include: 

  • Fabric replacement and new "Smoky Hill Learning Center" logo on the awning over the west entrance of the Salina office, installed on October 26.
  • Fresh coat of light blue paint on the Crawford Street tower sign, completed on November 4.
  • Installation of two large logo panels into the Crawford Street tower sign, completed on November 5.
  • Upcoming: Large vinyl glass door adhesive at the Hays Office main entrance, expected to be installed today on November 11. 

Our thanks to the following partners on this project, who have done outstanding work! 

  • Gleason & Son Signs: Main contractor on all Salina office work.
  • Ash Enterprises: Awning subcontractor.
  • Ruth Moritz: Local Salina artist, who painted awning artwork.
  • Cardinal Creations: Plainville High School small business student organization that created the Hays door vinyl.
  • Carver Brown: Fort Hays State University student (and Plainville High School alumnus) who is removing old door tinting and installing new tint and the new Cardinal Creations-made vinyl logo. 

We're particularly excited to be able to have the opportunity to support local businesses, artists, and education as a part of this significant project!

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Volume Purchasing: New Lumber and Supply Catalogs Coming Soon

The Volume Purchasing Program at SHESC is preparing to put out a new call for bids for the next lumber and cafeteria supply catalogs.

If you work with supply orders, we have an important question for you: What items are not in these catalogs currently that you would have a need for and would order if they were available?

We want the program to match your needs, so please email your requests to vp@smokyhill.org and we will include those line items in the next bid request. The deadline for including new items is Friday, November 20

Also, be sure you're getting timely updates whenever catalogs change or there is other important news related to Volume Purchasing through our mailing list, with sign-up available HERE.

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Face Masks Save Lives; Order Yours Through Volume Purchasing

In one of his first speeches as President-Elect, Joe Biden cited CDC recommendations as he urged Americans to wear face masks.

"We could save tens of thousands of lives," Biden said on November 9, "If everyone would just wear a mask for the next few months."

To help meet this critical need to prevent COVID-19 spread until a vaccine becomes widely available, SHESC Volume Purchasing has a variety of masks available at a substantial discount.

Available Personal Protective Equipment includes KN95 masks (N95 equivalent), 3-ply surgical style masks, washable cloth masks, clear-panel face masks that help those with a hearing disability to read lips, and clear disposable face shields.

See the pdf HERE for just a few examples of what's available and contact vp@smokyhill.org with questions and and to sign up for Volume Purchasing. It is available to any educational, governmental, or other non-profit organization.

Biden said it is a simple step that will help neighbors, friends, and family.

"Maybe it would save the life of the person who stocks the shelves at your local grocery story," he said. "Maybe it saves the life of a member at your place of worship. Maybe it saves the life of one of your children's teachers. Maybe it saves your life."

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Featured PD: "Student Engagement vs Student Participation"

Student Engagement.

Student Participation.

The terms are often used interchangeably, but there's a BIG difference.

Join Education Consultant Noalee McDonald-Augustine on December 8 for a one-day session with the potential to improve your student interactions!


And make sure that you look at all the upcoming professional development opportunities coming up at: go.smokyhill.org/register!

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Help for Thanksgiving Lesson Plans

Thanksgiving break is coming up quick, and a number of districts' educators are needing to adjust related lesson plans on a dime for learning from home, given some unexpected temporary COVID-19 related quarantines. Other educators may have had a hybrid or online model since the start of the academic year all along. We have your back; check out these free Thanksgiving resources, many with a focus for online learning.

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Smoky Hill Education Service Center: 'In the News'

Our thanks for these local news outlets for their coverage of our recent $240K+ grant that we received from the USDA! 

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