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"SHESC Messenger": End of September 2021


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SHESC Messenger

End of September 2021

Second Opportunity for School Connectivity Technology

Constitution and Citizenship Day

Storyteller Tim Lowry Visiting Schools This Week

Tech Cadre

Featured PD: A Framework for Understanding Poverty

Volume Purchasing: Stock Up for Care of the Classroom Pet

Resources to Talk About September 11 in the Classroom

Look at All Professional Development and the Newsletter Archive

FCC Opens Second Window for Fully Funded School Connectivity Technology Via ECF

The Emergency Connectivity Fund (ECF) provides an opportunity for schools to pay for internet hotspots – on buses or for student check-out  as well as laptops and tablets to help address issues around remote learning and the homework gap.

The FCC has opened another window for schools to apply for approximately $2 billion in funding from the ECF, which is part of the American Rescue Plan Act of 2021. The SHESC E-rate team anticipates $5.1 billion in reimbursement to be authorized starting in September. The second filing window for Form 471 opens September 28 and closes October 13. 

The program allows for 100% funding of these critical internet connectivity products for the 2021-2022 academic year, to a maximum of $400 per laptop or tablet approved and a maximum of $250 per hotspot. While similar in some ways to the E-rate program, there are enough differences that navigating the application process can be confusing, so the Smoky Hill Education Service Center E-rate team is here to help! 

Needs assessments, quotes, and more are all ways the team has helped other schools through the process, and they can assist you as well. Contact E-rate Specialists Tamera Burke at tburke@smokyhill.org or Josh Dinkel at jdinkel@smokyhill.org.

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Constitution and Citizenship Day is Friday; Find Resources Here

Constitution and Citizenship Day commemorates the adoption of the foundational U.S. law, as well as celebrating the rights and responsibilities of U.S. citizenship. All schools that receive federal funds must hold an educational program annually on September 17.

Here are lesson plans, information, and other resources to help you prepare:

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Storyteller Tim Lowry Presenting to Students, Teachers

Storyteller Tim Lowry arrived in Salina this week, starting off a week of presentations by working with pre-service teachers in "Child and Adolescent Literature" at Kansas Wesleyan University and with children at the Martin Luther King, Jr. Child Development Center.

From kissing frogs to literary classics to American history, Tim Lowry tells stories drawing inspiration from Mark Twain, Appalachian folk tales, circus performances and more. His fourth-grade teacher once wrote on his report card: “tends to excessive speech.” Today that has proven a profound understatement, as Lowry once calculated that he could talk continuously from his repertoire for more than a full day without repeating himself.

In working with the teachers-in-training, Lowry described three stages of development in what stories children will respond best to: "Rhythmic" - with simple plots, rhythm and repeating patterns; "Imaginative" - with more complex vocabulary and richer craftsmanship; and "Heroic" - with more realistic stories and protagonists for students to model themselves after. You can watch a portion of Lowry's presentation to the class on Monday - storytelling with only a kazoo! - on YouTube HERE.

Lowry will continue with his assembly-style storytelling events every day through September 16, geared to students in grades K-6.

Learn more about Lowry at www.storytellertimlowry.com. Lowry will also perform at the Kansas Storytelling Festival, September 17 and 18. More details are at www.kansasstorytelling.com.

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Tech Cadre Begins September 28

Tech Cadre is open to any technology directors and educators who are managing technology for improved student learning in their schools. While we offer new information, we also allow time for the exchange and discussion of all of the group members’ ideas for using technology in schools.

In addition, we will discuss all topics related to providing high-quality technology support and networking for the school technology director. Each session will include an ‘open agenda’ time for discussion and research on any topic that is brought to the group.

These sessions may be attended in-person in Salina or Hays or online via Zoom. Please visit HERE to see all dates and to register.

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Featured Professional Development: "A Framework for Understanding Poverty"

Based on the work of Dr. Ruby Payne, participants will look at the hidden rules that are part of economic classes and how they affect student learning and behavior.

Objectives: At the end of the training, participants will:

  • Analyze resources for a student and identify possible interventions.
  • Identify hidden rules of poverty, middle class, and wealth and how they affect student behavior.
  • Demonstrate registers of language and how they affect student learning.
  • Support and build relationships of mutual respect with students and parents of all economic levels.
  • Analyze discipline strategies that work with students from poverty.
  • Understand input strategies; evaluate which strategies a student may be lacking; and identify tools and resources to build missing strategies.
  • Explain and demonstrate metacognition.
  • Integrate mental models.

Visit go.smokyhill.org/framework-understand-poverty to register.

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Volume Purchasing: Bringing Back the Classroom PetFrey Scientific Crayfish - 3 inch - Pack of 6

Whether fish, lizard, hamster, or even ant, living animals in the classroom are a great way to learn about biology and nature hands-on!

Smoky Hill ESC has you covered with classroom pet supplies and even ways to get some pets! Items available from School Specialty include: 

  • Delta Education Teachers Pet Kit, Grades K-6: Aquarium or terrarium perfect for a goldfish, hermit crab, or frog... and you can select one of these animals - included in the purchase price - with a mail-in "living material" card! $60.39 Your price: $40.46!
  • Insect Lore Butterfly Pavilion with Voucher: Pop-up mesh habitat for easy viewing of transformation from caterpillar to chrysalis to butterfly. Includes a voucher for 10 live caterpillars! $53.29 Your price: $35.70!
  • Frey Scientific Crayfish - 3 inch - pack of 6: An exciting live classroom specimen! $55.69! (Pictured)
  • Frey Scientific Tropical Fish Set - Set of 12: Pre-selected mix of tropical fish for a harmonious community tank. Includes instructions! $71.39!
  • Educational Insights GeoSafari Ant Factory Kit with Guide Book - 9 x 15 inches: This kit includes everything you need to begin and care for your ants as you observe their work - including the ants with a mail-in certificate! $57.29 Your price: $38.39!

Many more items, including dozens of choices for a variety of live specimens, are available, from the microscopic to bigger-than-you-would-think. To learn more, contact Adam Pracht, Volume Purchasing Coordinator, at vp@smokyhill.org.

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Resources for Discussing September 11 in the Classroom

May be an image of skyscraper, monument, body of water and text

Last weekend marked 20 years since the September 11 terrorist attacks. Following news coverage and weekend memorials, many students probably will have questions for you as teachers and administrators this week.

To help you with the conversation, here are some lesson plans, pictures, and other resources: 

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